1. Community Newspapers gave each of the City of South Miami mayoral candidates an opportunity to state why they want to be Mayor of the City. An advantageous window was given to the incumbent to boast of his administrations accomplishments in the past 6 years in office.He chose to use 4 points to answer that question so here’s a citizen/residents view on that format. Are we safe? This past year has seen the South Miami Police Lieutenant in charge of the Police Explorers arrested and charged with numerous sexual violations against the youth that participate in the program. Another South Miami Police Lieutenant was the subject of a full page story/expose in the Miami Herald. He has since been assigned to desk duty and taken off the streets for our safety. Another.officer was involved in the shooting of an innocent unarmed resident of South Miami.Are we a good place to live and work? If you consider the divisive tactics used to separate our community by ethnicity, color, creed, and income.;the ignoring of an official notice from Miami-Dade County that the City is in violation of an acceptable Tree ordinance, the continued acts of chopping down our canopy, the continued sweetheart deals with FPL, a community pool that is now over 400% of it’s estimated annual maintenance cost. Are we getting a good deal for our taxes? Our tax rate should have been lowered substantially instead of the 1/4 of a percent,.the budget saving went into other accounts for other uses when it should have been returned back to the taxpayers.. We now pay an all time high rate for street parking, and garages are inconvenient for those that either cannot walk that far or cannot afford the rates. The City continues to give approval for more restaurants when the average life span of establishments in South Miami is 2 years.To entice more restaurants, parking bonuses are given to wealthy developers..Is our City in good shape going forward? The continued lot splitting to build more houses, the fast disappearing green space,the City’s fiasco on building rental units out of proportion with the existing residential area, the City’s involvement with a tract that is owned by the FECI is not acceptable. It’s time to return to good governance and respect for the residents and visitors to this city. We need a new mayor.

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