Can’t believe what I heard again… Tell me is not true!

Can’t believe what I heard again... Tell me is not true!

Pictured are (l-r) Judge Robert Dube and Wayne Brackin at the Pinecrest Tribune Luncheon meeting along with former Doral Mayor J.C. Bermudez

Can’t believe what I heard again… Tell me is not true!Bad move Horace. Yup folks, it looks like Horace Feliu is rattling his sword once again and posturing for another run for the mayors seat in 2016. My goodness, the guy has got guts and perhaps a huge whole in his head. Or maybe he knows when its the right time to jump back in.

My good friend Horace served the citizens of South Miami for oodles of years and then got his rear end pounded a couple of times, the last one being just a couple of years ago.

But that hasn’t stopped him for a minute and whether you like him or just don’t want anything to do with him, ya gotta give it to the guy, as he goes after what he wants and I admire him for that.

Couldn’t help but run into Wayne Brackin, the Executive VP and COO of Baptist Health at the Pinecrest Tribune Luncheon, where he was the speaker and shared the wonderful news that Baptist Hospital is building a world class operation called the “Miami Cancer Institute” on its campus with a completion date in a couple of years. Besides the $430 million price tag, the 395,000-sq-ft building, the $125 million proton therapy radiation machine, the thousand plus people that will be working in the building, there will also be a research facility on campus. Whew and WOW.

Wayne was in pretty good company, with lots of local notables. For starters Judge Robert Dube,was there along with Ramesh Nyberg, Anthony Acevedo, Les Oppenheim, Bob Ross, Ernie Sochin, Russell Spatz, Sally Simms, Karen Nercess, Pam Mayers, and a some folks from Baptist.

Eric Eimstad, who for years, worked at the Miami Seaquarium, has moved on over to Jungle Island where he will be a vice president and chief marketing officer. It’s sorta of a homecoming,as he worked for many years, at the old Parrot Jungle before going to the Seaquarium. We are happy for Eric and look forward to seeing him soon.

Seen around town: Josh Leibman, who has run more marathons than most, with at least 100 of the 26.2 mile routes under his belt, has served as vice mayor and is now just a commissioner, will be running for office once again come 2016.

Should be interesting as the mayors seat and Wally Harris spot will also be up for grabs. And speaking of minding my own business, City Manager Steve Alexander was over at Casa Larios having breakfast by himself. He didn’t look lonely, but seemed a bit pensive. Hmm… BTW, when is his contract up?

Thought of the Day:
A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.
— Jean de la Fontaine

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