Many poli-ticks in the city

Many poli-ticks in the city

This crane was busy putting up some new cooling
equipment on the roof of 7000 SW 62 Ave.

Story around town is that Eda Harris, a self-anointed NIMBY, (Not in my back yard) soul, was involved in a small, (maybe a scratch or two) not quite a fender bender accident and Oh My Goodness, she reportedly left the scene. And before you know it, the cops were swarming her home. Walter, her husband, who is presently playing the role of a city commissioner, was probably very ticked off once again with all the attention that has been coming his and her way.

New subject: Walter, I’ve been told, has been implying or more, that the city would look favorably on a future zoning application from the landowner of the Winn-Dixie property on SW 73 St, That IF the owner would guarantee space in the new building for a grocery store.

Many poli-ticks in the city

The Nile Monitor Lizard can grow up to seven ft. long.

But alas that might not matter right now as I’ve heard, but not verified, that Winn Dixie just might be at the end of it’s lease within the next 18 months. I’ll just betcha that the big drug store chains and a couple of banks would love to get their hands on the present building that includes enough parking for having both after some fix up work.

Many poli-ticks in the city

Albino Burmese python

More on Real Estate… Can’t tell ya what piece of property is rumored to be sold very, very soon, but I can tell you that the selling price is going to be north of $5 million and its big enough for a wellknown brand and more.

Did some shopping over at Palmetto Ace Hardware on SW 57 Ave and as I struggled to explain what I needed, the nice folks took me over to the aisle where the do hickey, thing-a-ma-jig was located and voilá, there it was.

Still don’t know what it is called, but it is a metal thing to which you clamp down sandpaper and there is a thingy on it, so you can attach a pole onto it so you can reach high places and smooth out drywall that is about to be painted.

So, there ya go, what do you think, should I follow my wife’s directive and don’t even bother to pick up any tools, not even a hammer or screwdriver?

Burmese Python’s proliferation in the Everglades has caught the national media’s attention, there are a host of other reptiles including the Nile Monitor, the Green Iguana and both can grow to around seven feet to the slightly smaller Argentinean black and white Tegu Lizard that has joined the invasive species invasion force and female reptiles lay around 35 eggs a year. The Nile Monitor has been spotted in the Village of Pinecrest area and iguanas that first came in the mid 1960s to South Florida have proliferated.

Moreover, in the case of the Burmese python that can grow to 20 feet and more than 144,000 have been imported since 2005 into the United States and hundreds of them ended up in the Everglades National Park since then.

Documents on the subject indicate some 230 pythons were removed alone in 2007, but the female snakes reproduce and these are laying dozens of eggs every year. To report one of these invasive reptiles go to <>. This information provided by <>.

When interim/temporary City Manager Steve Alexander leaves, maybe the commission could get the newly appointed Doral City Manager Joe Carollo, to leave and make his new home in the city of South Miami. Folks, for sure Joe would take care of city business.

Blanca Commercial Real Estate gets the nod at The Shops at Sunset Place.

Blanca Commercial Real Estate will broker 100,000 square feet of space that will be repurposed for office, education, medical office and related uses at the SHops of Sunset. The space, available immediately, is located at the corner and intersection of US1 andSW 57th Avenue. CEO Tere Blanca will lead the marketing efforts and will be assisted by Executive Vice President Alison Pages and Associate Vice President Alexander Cahlin.

Ms. Blanca is excited for this opportunity. “The Shops at Sunset Place anchors one of Miami’s most desirable and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods,” she says. “South Miami is home to a critical mass of shops, restaurant and entertainment options. The missing component is flexible commercial space that we can now offer to companies of all sizes.”

The repositioned space may be built-out to suit tenants’ specific requirements and users will have access to a reserved parking area in the property’s garage. Signage directly fronting US1 will be available for anchor tenants.

Since opening in 1999 as South Miami’s first open-air retail marketplace, The Shops at Sunset Place has emerged as a destination for shopping, entertainment and dining with current tenants including AMC Theatres 24 with IMAX, LA Fitness, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and Splitsville Luxury Lanes and Dinner Lounge.

For leasing information, please contact Tere Blanca, Alison Pages or Alexander Cahlin of Blanca Commercial Real Estate at 305-577-8850.

I hear that former mayor Horace Feliu just might run for office in the Feb. 2014 election. He’s talking it over with his family and putting together his inner circle to have THE discussion, according to one of his confidants that has been sworn to secrecy not to disclose anything about their meeting.

Hey Sharon, would you help Horace and do you think that Commissioner Newman might help him, too?

Thought of the Day:

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

—Albert Einstein

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