The top guy at the YMCA moves on

mmiller_AAfter 12 years as the president and CEO of the YMCA Alfred Sanchez has called it a day and resigned. One of the most recent notable events that occurred during his tenure was the April 2013 opening of the South Dade YMCA Center, located across from the Falls Shopping Center. It is beautiful, well equipped and ready for you and your family. From what I hear, Tom Den Boer, the former executive president of the South Dade YMCA just might be drafted to come back as CEO of the YMCA. Yup, Tom who left in August 2005 and has been serving as the CEO of the YMCA of Rock County in Janesville, Wisconsin is being pursued by lots of local folks that want him back to help take the Y to the next level.

Ok boys and girls, get ready to gasp! According to reports, Baptist Health South Florida had a pretty good year and enjoyed a 14 percent increase in profits, as its revenue went from $2.04 billion to $2.17 billion for its fiscal year that ended in September.

And here’s more good news, it EARNED more than $360 million up from some $317 million the year before. Gee, that’s a bunch, huh?

OK, so here’s a bit more: Our own South Miami Hospital did a tad under $500 million for the year that ended in September and made slightly more than $59 million for the last fiscal year.

And lets see, Doctors Hospital did some $200 million for the year and earned over $28 million.

Then there is “The Mothership,” as it so fondly called, Baptist Hospital, which did over $860 million for the year and earned almost a $100 million bucks.

The West Kendall Hospital had revenue of a bit over $155 million and lost some $4 million and Homestead Hospital did some $168 million in business and lost around $27 million.

And last but not least, Mariners Hospital in the Florida Keys, had revenue of some $53 million and earned about $8 million.

But wait, there is more: Baptist Health’s outpatient facilities had some $118 million in revenue and earned some $22 million.

The election in our fair city is on Feb. 11 and boy, oh boy, it’s coming up fast.

So, far it’s been rather boring, with no assaults, verbal or otherwise, no arrests, no marijuana smoke-inns, no massive tree plantings, no bark stripping of the politicians and only one or two meatless Monday wonderments.

Phil Stoddard, the current head of the class of clowns, is so far facing Valerie Newman for the esteemed mayors seat.

There are also two commission seats open: Donna Shelley and Gabriel Edmonds, each want Valerie’s old seat. And then there is the seat presently occupied by We have had so many meetings, and done so little, Wally “The Dude” Harris. So, far Horace Feliu and Rodney Williams want the voters to fire Wally from his $12,000 a year job as a commissioner and put him out to greener pastures.

And there is more about the City of Pleasant Living: The city is involved in so much litigation that it’s hard to keep count, but it looks there are between 16- 18 cases.The city attorney is kept pretty busy taking care of them and the sheer number of cases gives lots of fodder to the local politicos.Of course,this gives the commission lots of excuses for failing to move forward and the more cases,the more money it costs the city. As you can imagine,the attorneys love our fair city,cuz they make so much gosh darn money from it.

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  1. Project Sunset | January 10, 2014 at 2:01 am | Reply

    2 more years than the last guy.
    Moving on Didn't have anything to do with city of south miami and the amended complaint against alfred sanchez and the ymca of greater miami to FRAUD?

  2. Alfred Sanchez's Experience
    Executive Director American Red Cross
    February 2014 – Present (3 months) 335 SW 27th Ave Miami, FL 33135
    The American Red Cross of Greater Miami & the Keys is the premier nonprofit humanitarian organization providing relief to victims of disasters, helping communities prepare for and respond to emergencies. The Red Cross of Greater Miami & the Keys offers disaster preparedness, international services, health & safety education and services to the Armed Forces.

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