Town Kitchen scores an ‘A’

Town Kitchen scores an ‘A’


Had brunch with my wife last Sunday, over at Town Kitchen and Bar on SW 73 St and 57 Ct.. Gotta tell ya, that the service was great, the food was super and the weather was gorgeous.

It was a pretty classy crowd (coming from my prospective) and the beautiful people were there, having a great time even though everyone knew that the workweek was just right around the corner.

But even with that in mind, lots of happy faces, from the little kids to grandparents enjoying some time in the city of pleasant Living. BTW, Town scores an A with me.

Town Kitchen scores an ‘A’


Let’s see if the city manager fires Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro this week because of the pressure he is getting from the tres amigos: Mayor Stoddard and Commissioners Bobby and Walter. The three of them are fumbling around like, well how can I write it, like the jokes that they are. They ought to just blow a cork, start hollering like a bunch of loonies, until the city manager gets the guts to fire the chief. And as a going away present, give the Chief a check for the balance due on his contract.

BTW, I think the chief is doing a good job. Took a drive to the BB&T Center a few weeks ago and saw and heard Andrea Bocelli… Simply amazing! For two hours Bocelli and the full orchestra and choir mesmerized the full capacity crowd.

My favorites included: Time to say Goodbye, Somos Novios and Love in Portofino. I could go on and on about it but I won’t… but I will tell you that there was lots of crying, cheering, applause, holding hands and hugging going on. Just beautiful!

Ok campers! The election in South Miami is just 12 months away and if the voters want the nonsense at city hall to end, then they need to find quality candidates to run and that will campaign and win. It’s pretty simple.

Find someone to run against Stoddard and then it shouldn’t be hard to get a lady to replace Harris and if Newman doesn’t run get another lady to run in that seat.

I can’t but wonder, if Newman would actively campaign against Stoddard and Harris and maybe even support a lady who might run for her old seat, should she decide not to run.

What a year makes, Belen & Columbus second Legacy Cup baseball game cancelled because Marlins wanted $60,000. The Miami Marlins are becoming known as a “Grinch” after the professional baseball team this year asked for around $60,000 from Belen Jesuit and Miami Columbus to hold their Legacy Cup II baseball game on Feb. 2, but was cancelled. Last year when the enclosed ballpark was first opened, the two rival high school teams with much fanfare played the first game in the controversial stadium that finances out costing $2.5 billion over the life of the bonds. However, this year the Marlins were looking for cash said a knowledgeable source and since the two schools are not flush with cash. School officials had to give the event a miss this year.


Ryder Trauma in early years got five-years of funding from cities based on population; municipal leaders understood importance of world-class trauma center

The Watchdog Report is learning more about the history of the University of Miami Miller Medical School’s and Jackson Health System’s Ryder Trauma Center and how it was funded in the early years that created and made the world class Level I Trauma Center what it is today. A reliable source involved in finding funding back then said that Miami-Dade County cities also did there part and for five years contributed funding based on each city’s population because these municipal leaders understood how important such a medical facility was and shows there was widespread community buy in for Ryder at the time. And these elected and community leaders understood the pressing need for a Level I Center in South Florida capable of handling the kinds of medical cases. That only South Florida in many ways sees clinically, from gun shot wounds, stabbings, burns and car accidents and is why U.S. Army surgeons have rotated through the facility since 2000 before being deployed overseas.

Before Ryder’s inception, there was no such facility in Miami-Dade after trauma centers at other hospitals in the late 1980s had closed their facilities for financial reasons and was why the burden fell to the University of Miami and Jackson Health System to fill the breach. And many of the top hospital executives in the county have backed making Ryder into its present status because these other not-for-profit institution’s also saw the need for one dedicated full service, fully staffed 24 hour Trauma Center that would later become one of the top Trauma Centers in the world. However, Ryder and JHS has been in the news recently given a legal skirmish with Kendall Regional Medical Center that the public hospital says is not trying to shut the hospital down, but just is protecting its legal rights and defending itself with state regulators.

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Thought of the Day:

Anyone without a sense of humor is at the mercy of everyone else.

— William Rotsler

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