What is going on with Case #14-02591?

What is going on with Case #14-02591?

Maybe the “Red Head,” (as we affectionately call her), Sharon McCain, would like to get a copy of the South Miami Police report (Case #14-02591) and take a long — and I mean a very LONG and careful look — at this document.

Just betcha’ she’ll do a great job digging up the facts and then sharing it with her buds. P.S. It has something to do with Halloween, a party and, well — ah-ah, let’s wait and see….

Now that our testosterone-free city leaders are back in action, maybe they can get the very much stalled MadisonSquare project at S.W.64 St. and 59 Pl. started. This politically-toxic project meant to help the poorest part of South Miami has already been pushed back, mowed over and delayed far too long. It’s time for the allmale commission to get some vitamin B injections, put on testosterone patches and stand up to the naysayers and get this longoverdue project underway.

Is very former mayor Horace Feliu going back to school? Well, according to sources close to him, he is considering the possibilities of pursuing a Ph.D. (What?) You might ask yourself:Is Horace smart enough and/or committed enough to take on a doctoral program? Well, he’s smart enough, already with a Masters in Education and, I understand, two BS degrees (with the emphasis on BS), one in Mechanical Engineering and another in Biological Sciences (whatever that may be). As far as his ‘commitment,’ one never really knows, but if he starts making moves towards running for office in South Miami again, I’ll be the first one to say that he OUGHT TO BE COMMITTED!

Went far out of my zip code wandering down to Lots of Lox on US1 at S.W. 151 St. for breakfast the other day. I had nova, eggs and onions, a bagel with cream cheese and just gotta tell yuh, the folks there know how to make their customers happy. Some guests moved right past the breakfast menu and had a couple of Reuben sandwiches along with the lots of coleslaw and pickles while I, of course,was more than happy to enjoy some of those goodies along with my more traditional breakfast fare. While there, ran into the newly reelected Palmetto Bay Mayor Gene Flinn and his well-known wife, Alex, as well as Patrick Fiore, now a former elected official of Palmetto Bay. Let’s see, Michael Peyton, also there with his bride, plus Chip Black and Levi Meyer, the real estate guys and a few others. Couldn’t help but see Susan Greene and Lauren Toby enjoying breakfast with their husbands. BTW: on a weekend morning, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Lots of Lox.

Speaking of eateries, noticed Dunkin’ Donuts has opened up a new location on the south side of Kendall Drive opposite the Shell station, just west of the Shula. (Like the cops, I like to keep track of handy donut outlets). Once a cut-rate drug store, it later morphed into a cell phone franchise.

The Red Sunset Merchants Association (RSMA) celebrated the “Holiday with the Merchants” holiday party at Splitsville with nearly 65 guests attending, including city officials, merchants and friends. A special tribute honored John “Hans” Huseby with René Aldonza remembering Hans and his contributions to the community and to RSMA where he served as a board member and president.

“We are honored that Laurie Huseby and son “JP” attended the event,” said Rene who also noted “We were fortunate to have the children’s choir from the Area Stage Company come to our party and bring some smiles to our faces as they sang some great holiday songs. Many, many thanks go to them for sharing their voices with us.”

Local merchants donated more than 35 raffle prizes which helped put lots of people in a great mood, making “the holiday party a success, everyone having a great time,” said Rene. “This is a great community to work and to live in. I am so happy and fortunate to be part of this community and I wish everyone the very best for a healthy and prosperous 2015.”

For information about the Red Sunset Merchants Association, visit RSMASM.com or contact René Aldonza at 305- 667-5511.

Thought of the Day:

If one is afraid of the paths of life, then life is not worth living.


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