Bari Auerbach

‘Who Knew It Would Be Like This?’


It’s a busy shopping day in Aventura – but who knew you’d encounter all kinds of “adventurous” Aventura experiences before pushing your patience and credit card to the limit… Who knew there would be such a long line? Obviously not the store manager who decided just one cashier would be …

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Three cheers for bagels, burgers…and beers


Finally Aventura has a choice! The new “BagelWorks” is making a triple play to win over the Aventura crowd…Freshly baked bagels – the best tuna in South Florida – and a fabulous catering choice! Following the success of the renowned “BagelWorks” in Boca, owners Paul Herman and Robert Levy are …

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Going ‘against the grain’


In his newest book, The South Beach Wake Up Call, Dr. Arthur Agatston, father of the South Beach Diet and preventive cardiologist, suggests eliminating all wheat products, rye and barley from your diet may be the “gluten solution” to greater health and well-being. According to Agatston, he noticed some of …

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‘Hit or Miss-Fit’


Is your fitness or nutrition plan missing the mark when it comes to getting the results you want? If so, it may be time to reevaluate what you’re doing to make sure you’re not “miss-fitting” out on opportunities to make the most efficient use of your time and sweat equity …

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‘What’s in a Name?’


Ever wonder how some of the communities around Aventura got their names? The mystery may never be solved – but one thing’s for sure – they’re all the perfect place to call “home!” ‘Nothing to Hide’: At Hidden Bay, the only thing residents may be hiding is their secrets to …

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‘Need a Lift’‘Need a Lift’


If you’ve been running, aerobicising or spinning your wheels doing endless hours of cardio – but still can’t seem to firm up – before you get totally exasberated with exercising, here’s some very “uplifting” news: Fitness plans that incorporate weight training can help everyone get toned, tighter, stronger and live …

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