Wednesday , 10 February 2016

Mayor Eric Jones Jr

All for the Greater Good


FROM THE DESK OF MAYOR JONES Well, here we are. Children are back in school, vacations are over, and we are settling in to reality. During the summer months we had another successful year with our park programs, we gave out scholarships, helped many children with our back to school …

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Working for the Common Good


I hope all have had a wonderful summer up to this point. Keep in mind that school will soon be back in session and we should all use caution in the school zones. As we come to the end of our vacations and prepare to get back to the daily …

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Looking better as a team


    Life is learned as we are instructed by the people are most dear to us and the evolving events that through experience, teach us as they erase our ignorance and replace it with wisdom. Butterflies and Bullfrogs teach us how the process of metamorphosis can make a caterpillar …

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Help us help Stay Informed

As you browse through this issue of your Cities newspaper, you will recognize that West Park is a city on the move. Over the years many positive changes have been implemented, programs, and events aimed at strengthening and revitalizing our community. Our major successes are many that have left our …

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You win or lose based on what you choose

Every four years, the world’s attention turns to the summer Olympic Games. For a few days, men, and women from around the globe gather to compete against the best. Amazing records are broken, and new ones are set at these games. Just a few decades ago, track-and-field experts proudly declared …

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A New Year With New Opportunities

2012 demonstrated through its challenges and opportunities that we live and work in a truly warm and caring community. It is hard to believe another year is just beginning. I am excited for our new year. The economy is slowly beginning to thaw; projects are beginning, and more will follow. …

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