Mayor Eric Jones Jr

Thanks for Everything


Let me begin by saying that we are a small city but one with a very large heart. A heart and fervor that has been carried on through the athletic efforts of our young football players from the inception of our football program. The game of football is one we …

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It’s Budget Time Again!


In this time of global economic crisis, we are confronted by extraordinary challenges that require us to come together, as a community, to reconfirm our priorities and define the kind of city we want to be. These shared goals are expressed each year in our city budget. It spells out …

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Preparation and Celebration


JUNE begins the summer months where sun and fun are the operative words. June is also the beginning of the hurricane season where information and preparation are critical. It is important that we all adhere to the warnings and alerts during this time of year to ensure that our families …

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It’s Amazing What We Can Do


One of the all-time greats in baseball was Babe Ruth. He had a lifetime batting average of 342 and his record of 714 home runs remained unbroken until Hank Aaron came along. In time age took its toll and his popularity slipped. Finally the Yankees traded him to the Braves. …

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We are doing it together


The arrival of each New Year brings thoughts of optimism, hope, and the promise of new and exciting initiatives for our community. As we begin 2012, I pray that you have a safe and prosperous New Year. I want to extend best wishes to the citizens of West Park for 2012. …

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Another Year Another Step Forward


We leave 2011 with a sense of community pride for the extraordinary efforts of our citizens, commission, administration and businesses that, through their hard work has us striving. We leave 2011 with gratitude for the generosity of our area residents and businesses that purchased gifts which ensured a happy Christmas for over 800 …

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