Heinz Dinter

Protect your life with a healthy lifestyle

Heinz Dinter, PHD

By Heinz Dinter, PHD…. Heart disease kills one American every 34 seconds. I almost joined these ugly and startling statistics. Eight months ago, at one o’clock in the morning, mean and miserable pain awakened me. According to dictionary.com, angina, also known as angina pectoris is “a sudden intense pain in …

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Wheatgrass juice gave me a new lease on life

wheat_grass_cup (A)

By Heinz Dinter…. During a routine physical several years ago, a doctor concluded that it was necessary for me to rely on prescription drugs for the first time in my life. In response to my high blood pressure reading of 200/100 (120/80 is considered healthy), I was prescribed a daily …

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New lease on life in 40 days


By Heinz Dinter…. A routine physical some 25 years ago, resulted in a conclusion that I needed to rely on pills for the first time. The doctor prescribed medication for hypertension and I was put in a regimen of three different pills daily in response to my blood pressure having …

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