Julia Yarbough

Planting Seeds

The Tenth Anniversary slogan for the City of Miami Gardens is “Cultivating Possibilities.” It is a fitting theme for many of the events which have and are about to take place within the City. Miami Gardens is VIBRANT and GROWING due to the many seeds which have been planted along …

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We’re All Heading Toward the Same Goal


On any given day, shortly after 5 a.m. you’ll probably find Vernita Nelson along with several female friends and her trusty dog, Lola out for a jog to kickstart the day before getting her husband and children set for their day ahead. But by 9 a.m. Nelson’s focus has shifted …

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New Chapters: Embarking Together

As The City of Miami Gardens celebrates its ten year anniversary; exciting years full of growth, change, experience and evolution from a newborn crawling, to a toddler “toddling” to a young child walking, this is perhaps a fitting time to talk about how much our lives are like novels. A …

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