Julio Anta

What is a ‘Black Belt’?

I believe a ‘Black Belt’ is an extraordinary person. A ‘Black Belt’ should be a great teacher, motivator, super-fit at any age with the know how to defend himself or herself, successful in life and business, respectful, disciplined, athletic, a role model and a high achiever—just to name a few …

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Carrilo Bandes Changed His Life

In my usual column space, I want to share an inspiring testimonial from my student Camilo Bandes. Once a shy high school kid, he lost 60 pounds to become a great martial arts student, succeeding in college and today displaying great confidence. Most Doral Tribune readers have set their New …

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Walk Proud & Safetly During the Holidays

Since I started writing my column, every year starting with Halloween thru New Year’s I advise how to survive the holidays by staying safe, crime-free and healthy by not gaining weight. My first article was written in October 2000 on Halloween safety, and last year, I wrote an article entitled …

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‘Stranger Danger’ Teaches Child Safety

How many times have you seen a childbeing dragged along by the mother or being dragged along by the mother or father, hysterically screaming they ‘don’t want to go’? How many have you as a parent given those words a second thought? Or, if that was my child, I would…. …

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Free Workshop Set for Safe Halloween


Growing up in New York as a kid, we knew the holidays were coming at the beginning of autumn and changing of the leaves. By the end of October we started the season with Halloween, followed with Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year. While, we all love the …

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Free Anti-bullying Workshop in Doral


Is your child in fear of their first day of school or has your child been a victim of bullying at their school? If you answer ‘yes’ to either question, I’ll help you prepare your child to meet any bullying challenges that may occur in the coming school year when …

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