Julio Anta

Israel-born ‘Krav Maga’ Training Now in Doral

Steve Ledford receives certificate with Dave Clark, trainer.

On June 24, Dave Clark and I became the first two certified C.O.R.E Krav Maga instructors with certification by by Chief Instructor Steve Ledford in Asheville, North Carolina. Krav Maga is the Israeli’s military fighting system which translates to “Combat Contact” or “Close Quarter Combat.” A complete reality-based self defense …

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Free Safety Workshop Starts a Safe Summer

Julio G. Anta

It’s that time of the year again — summer vacation is right around the corner. Children will be going to the park, hanging out with friends, going on vacation and some will return to their native country to visit family. Summer vacation can be memorable time for children but predators …

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Hazards of Kids Drinking Soda


To raise healthy and fit children, drop carbonated sodas from their eating habits. As a child, I never drank any type of soft drink. They were even prohibited in school cafeterias. Like most adults, I later became addicted, maybe because I never liked coffee and used soda as an intake …

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A Gazelle & Lioness Teach You Strength

Self-defense instructor Elena Anta

Since March is National Women’s History Month, I’m dedicating this month’s column to self defense in an effort to help empower women. I’ll also give a free self defense class this month to all female readers of the Doral Tribune. More than 70% of women in America encounter a violent …

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Life Long Flexibility through Pilates


Living life to the fullest requires flexibility. Some tasks and activities require more flexibility in the hip and leg areas and others may need more in their shoulder and neck areas. We all can agree that flexibility is of the utmost importance in staying healthy and fit for life, whether …

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Martial Arts Champs Appearing in Doral


By Julio G. Anta…. You’ve seen Team Mannatec on ESPN competing in the US Open Martial Arts Championship. Now, they’re touring North America and coming to Doral. The team competes at the 33 Annual Pan American International Martial Arts championships Nov. 11-12, the oldest and most prestigious martial arts tournament in …

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Explaining weight loss to kids

Weight loss for kids

As we enter the holiday season, we think about family time, relaxing and enjoying life. Adults know it’s the season that most gain weight. Starting with Halloween, not only will adults gain weight but most kids will, too. As parents we must teach our children to eat healthy and if …

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