Kenneth Bluh

Kenneth has been writing a column for Community Newspapers since 1989 when he first wrote about the incorporation movement in UMSA (Unincorporated Municipal Services Area). His columns cover the political scene in Miami-Dade and Tallahassee. Educated at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, Kenneth has been a member of the banking/mortgage lending profession in Florida since 1962. Contact him at or 786-247-0547 where he manages American Bancshares Mortgage LLC’s Reverse Mortgage Department.

Time to bring some order to immigration policy

They came in waves — the English, the Irish, the Germans, the Hungarians, the Spanish, the Vietnamese, the Russians, the Portuguese. A few came looking for the Orient, many came looking for religious freedom. Some were forced as slaves to work the fields in the South. Most came out of …

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Wasted: 4,489 precious American lives in Iraq


It started with a lie. General Colin Powell, then Secretary of State, was sent by the Bush/Cheney administration to appear before the United Nations General Assembly. Not knowing the truth, he gave testimony to the fact that Saddam Hussein of Iraq had developed and was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. …

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