Kenneth Bluh

Kenneth has been writing a column for Community Newspapers since 1989 when he first wrote about the incorporation movement in UMSA (Unincorporated Municipal Services Area). His columns cover the political scene in Miami-Dade and Tallahassee. Educated at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, Kenneth has been a member of the banking/mortgage lending profession in Florida since 1962. Contact him at or 786-247-0547 where he manages American Bancshares Mortgage LLC’s Reverse Mortgage Department.

My changing views on a PortMiami soccer stadium

My friends are asking me “why no column on Beckham’s proposed soccer stadium on the port?” I tell them “…because I’m not sure what I think.” It was a nobrainer on the Marlins stadium. Taxpayers of Miami paid for the ballpark. We own it, but the Marlins receive all the …

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Lack of tax revenue is bankrupting county’s future

The year was 1982. The prestigious magazine, The Economist, printed a lead article that called Miami (Miami-Dade) the American city of the future while so many American cities were living on their past. Today, Miami-Dade is on the verge of bankruptcy figuratively speaking, as the only thing that taxpayers can …

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Where might you buy medical marijuana in Florida?

You can soon buy medical marijuana in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington State. That is, once their legislatures figure out who is going to be authorized to …

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County commissioners need a lesson in finance

R. Kenneth Bluh

What is there not to understand? Moody’s and other credit-rating agencies can make or break a community’s budget when it comes to repaying municipal bond financing. It happened before when Miami-Dade County officials decided to raid the emergency reserve fund to cover expenses that were well known at the time …

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Legislators, is a bazooka in the backyard okay?

Thanks to our fabulous Florida Legislature we can, unobstructed by county or municipal government protestations, build and use a gun range in our back yard. First, let me thank our esteemed legislators for limiting the shooting to the backyard. Heaven forbid a person might get hurt from a ricocheted bullet …

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