Kenneth Bluh

Kenneth has been writing a column for Community Newspapers since 1989 when he first wrote about the incorporation movement in UMSA (Unincorporated Municipal Services Area). His columns cover the political scene in Miami-Dade and Tallahassee. Educated at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, Kenneth has been a member of the banking/mortgage lending profession in Florida since 1962. Contact him at or 786-247-0547 where he manages American Bancshares Mortgage LLC’s Reverse Mortgage Department.

Shortsighted budget game costs county in long run

The Miami Herald headline read: “Moody’s downgrades part of Miami-Dade’s credit.” The mayor and the county commission played games with the county budget and now we can look forward to paying higher interest when we borrow money in the future. We saved a few dollars today but will pay heavily …

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If we want a democracy, we must work at it

The election of Nov. 4 is behind us and we have, I hope, learned a few things. First and foremost, if we want our form of government to work, we must work at it. I don’t mean that our elected officials, wanabe elected officials and their supporters must work at …

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Spies vs. spies: Who is listening to whom?

The headlines should not be reading: “America, listening in on the world.” It should be: “Who isn’t listening in on whom?” Since the days the Romans sent spies into Egypt to learn of its defenses against a possible Roman attack the world has been spying on both friend and foe. …

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I agree with former Vice President Dick Cheney

I agree with former Vice President Dick Cheney that “GOP needs to look to new leaders.” Cheney did not elaborate on who is a potential candidate for the Republicans to go against the Democrats in the next presidential election, but it was evident on a recent Meet the Press that …

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Who is to blame for federal government shutdown?

Obama’s healthcare program: Some love it, some hate it, and many don’t understand the details of the program. OMB, the federal Office of Management and Budget, actually estimates it will lower the cost of health insurance. Some Republicans say it will cost so much that it will literally break the …

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