Martin Mendiola

Rules of Etiquette are changing


While at a formal dinner party over the holidays, a good friend approached me wondering if I had noticed something wrong with the table settings. I had not; I had only noticed that the tables were beautifully decorated with a Christmas motif. Yet her question still intrigued me, since we …

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‘Tis the Season for Pork


As the holiday season approaches and we start hearing Christmas carols and jingles, pork becomes a major topic of discussion among my family and friends. All of us are expected to know exactly where to get the freshest and tastiest pigs as we prepare to improve our favorite cooking method …

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Thanksgiving on September 8th


By Martin Mendiola…. Considered the most family centered holiday in the United States, Thanksgiving has its roots on the many harvest festivals held for centuries throughout the world. In early autumn, after gathering the bounty, villagers would congregate to feast and thank God for the plentiful growing season. Over the …

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Autumn means mussels


By Martin Mendiola…. In Miami we can always tell there is a change in seasons when department stores change their displays. As soon as we see the Halloween and Thanksgiving ads, we quickly realize the coming of fall. Up north, people notice the drop in temperature, the magnificent colors of …

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Sambal from Indonesia


By martin Mendiola…. Upon arriving from an extended Asian vacation, my daughter proudly announced that she had brought me some sambal pecel from Bali. Of the many things I would love to get from Bali, sambal pecel was not one of them, especially since I could not recognize the name …

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An Italian feast by Flora


By Martin Mendiola,…. The use of Montepulciano in Italian wine names can be somewhat perplexing since it is both a grape variety and the name of a town in the Siena province of Tuscany.  We are most familiar with the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano which is not actually made …

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