Martin Mendiola

Vic & Angelo’s Enoteca on Ocean Drive


By Martin Mendiola…. The restaurant scene in South Beach has a newcomer. With its coal oven and extensive Italian menu, the David Manero Restaurant Group has turned the former DeVito South Beach Restaurant into their third South Florida Vic and Angelo’s Enoteca. The David Manero Restaurant Group is one of …

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Cooking with Fish Scales

with sauce

By Martin Mendiola…. While at the fish market over the 4th of July weekend, a relatively young couple standing in the background attentively listened to the conversation I was having with Roberto our fishmonger.  They knew we had just decided on a couple of red snappers in the 2 to …

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Robocalls are disturbing our lifestyle


By Martin Mendiola…. Writing a lifestyle column is fun: we concentrate mostly on food, wine, cigars and all things pleasurable.  In essence it deals with the pursuit of our individual happiness which regretfully every once in a while someone decides to disturb.  It is worst when the intrusion happens within …

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Buying Wines is a Sport


By Martin Mendiola…. To find a good $100 bottle of wine easy, finding a good $20 bottle of wine is a sport.  We celebrate as much, give as many high fives and brag as much when we find a good priced wine as in any other sport.  We may even …

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Peru, the best food in Latin America

Below: Chef Rodriguez’ ceviche

By Martin Mendiola…. A heated but friendly discussion took place among friends who were trying to establish which Latin American country has the best food.  Two of the participants immediately agreed, “without doubt, everyone knows Cuban food is the best in the world”.  Then without rhyme or reason, they quickly …

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The heritage of Cuban crafters

Hand-rolled cigars

By Martin Mendiola…. Whenever we want to hear an interesting and inspiring story, we try to find an artisan.  They are much simpler than artists are and their stories are much better.  Give me a good wine, cheese or cigar maker any time over a painter, even a musician for …

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A Great Weekend for FIU students


By Martin Mendiola…. Wow, what a great weekend! With Bobby, Rachel, Anne and Giada in town, there was excitement everywhere you went. Fans full of energy and enthusiasm flocked to the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity chefs. Everyone had his or her own expectations as …

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