Patricia Frank

Holiday Time


The Holidays are here ! So be of good cheer. Stop rushing and doing And especially stewing… About all that has yet to be done. Be sure to enjoy and have some fun. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of the …

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Over the River through the Woods

It is common in some households for the guests to bring something to the table for dinner, especially on Thanksgiving and the Holidays. Each family member and guest has a specialty, a favored recipe that enhances the feast. It is something unique and it is something special that the other …

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Proof of your Interconnection and Power

“Stop the Presses, News Flash” Scientific investigation has demonstrated that the molecular structure of water can be changed by positive and negative words, thoughts and music. This is a monumental, life-altering discovery with far reaching implications. Pure water was collected by the investigators and various words were taped to the …

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Wanted: Public Enemy

It is common practice, if someone commits a heinous crime or crimes, to have the law enforcement agency put a poster in public places, with a picture of the felon and the words, “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Sometimes, the poster will also say, “Public Enemy Number One.” In your personal …

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Three Kinds of People

It has been said that there are three kinds of people in this world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. Which one are you? It really doesn’t matter unless you are unhappy with your choice. If things in your life …

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The Pause that Refreshes

It is official. It is Summer! Summer gives you permission to slow down. It encourages you to take a break from your usual routine. The most beneficial breaks occur when you physically leave the premises. Many people take advantage of this time and go on vacation. Summer provides an interval …

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Time Marches On and On


One of the most valuable and irreplaceable things you have is your time. Once you spend your time on someone or something you cannot get it back again. Once spent, your time is irretrievable; when it is gone it is gone. You only have a finite amount. You cannot save …

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Get Back in the Saddle

There is an old adage that when you fall off a horse, you must get back on the horse immediately. If you don’t you may never get back in the saddle. Time is of the essence. The premise is that fear will build up inside of you and will prevent …

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