Wednesday , 25 November 2015

Patricia Frank

The Universal Lament

When something distressing happens, the first thought that enters your head and the first question out of your mouth is usually, “Why?” “Why me?” When good things happen you never seem to ask yourself, “Why me?” It is natural and normal to think that you deserve and are entitled to …

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The Fog Dilemma

Just about everyone is familiar with fog. It is a condensed vapor, a thick, misty cloud suspended in the atmosphere near the earth’s surface. Fog can be so thick that it obscures things completely. The building and objects that you look at every day cannot be seen at all. If …

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Always be Trawing

A trawl is a large wide-mouthed fishing net dragged by a boat along the sea bottom for the purpose of catching fish. It catches all kinds of fish. Some are desirable, some are not. You never know what you will catch in your net. Trawling is also a term used …

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Signs of Recovery

Sometimes, when people are chronically unhappy or non-clinically depressed, they may not notice when things are changing and getting better. They are waiting for and they expect a big “Ah Ha” moment. However, sometimes it does not happen like that. The first signs of recovery can be very subtle. They …

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Breaking Up Breaking Down


Some things just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly or coffee and cream and breaking up and breaking down. If there was a list of emotionally painful events, breaking up would surely be on it. Breaking up can cause you to break down initially. Even if you …

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Atlas and You

 There is a well-known, massive, bronze statue in Rockefeller center, 45 feet tall weighing 7 tons, of the Greek god Atlas. The Titan god Atlas is a famous figure from Greek mythology. He led the war against the Olympic gods and lost. He was condemned to carry the world on …

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As Slow as Molasses

Have you ever heard the expression, “as slow as molasses” or as “slow as molasses in January”? Molasses is a thick, sweet, sticky syrup. It is very viscous and it flows very slowly in the cold. There may be times in your life when you feel that things are moving …

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Rewards and Punishments in Life

It is the nature of human beings to try to understand the world around them. They want to understand why some people lead a charmed life while others lead a life of suffering. While it is true that there are many possible explanations, it does not mean that they are …

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