Preston Michelson

Steroid use is being rewarded in baseball

The punishment system for steroid abuse in baseball has failed. In August of this most recent season, Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Bartolo Colon was suspended for 50 games for an elevated testosterone level. Despite his conviction and admission, Colon was signed to a $3 million contract with incentives that could …

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Analyzing the hated sports figure

Football season is upon us. What does that mean for the people of America? Hating Tim Tebow, of course. Seemingly the most polarizing character in all of sports, Tebow elicits a reaction not seen before. On the forefront of national attention since he was a senior in high school, Tebow …

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What are the Miami Marlins doing?


Take a listen to any of the local sports talk radio stations over the last few weeks and assuredly you will hear a gasbag radio host exclaiming that the Marlins are undergoing one of their classic “fire sales”. After their championship in 1997, Marlins owner H. Wayne Huizenga obliterated the …

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