Raquel Garcia

Brandon Lurie chastises elected officials


After graduating from the University of Florida with an Economics degree, Brandon Lurie settled into a job in South Miami, fell in love with the area, and decided to build his business here. Today Lurie and partner Richard Mattaway of the Richard – Brandon Company are award winning developers with …

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Manager Mirabile is diplomatic doer


Whether dodging bullets in the deserts of Iraq or while training — then good guy — Hugo Chavez in the jungles of Venezuela as Army Airborne Lieutenant Colonel Battalion Commander, retired City of Miami Police Department Major Hector Mirabile had seen quite a bit of the world and its unwieldy …

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Memorial Day is more than pre-summer holiday

First Sergeant Eaton (left) and Capt. R. Allen Buckhalt in Afghanistan

  Capt. Allen Buckhalt is a Black Hawk helicopter pilot with the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army Bravo Company and graduated in 1998 from Palmetto High School. His older sister, Rebecca Haggard, remembers that even as a boy her brother always marched to the beat of his own …

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