Wednesday , 10 February 2016

Robert G. Zuckerman

Robert Zuckerman is a leading photographer in the Hollywood Film Business. His latest film job was doing stills on Transformers 3. He is also author of the coveted book KINDSIGHT which uses photos and text together to illuminate the richness of every day life through random encounters and moments. He has spoken at schools across the country and this month begins a motivational speaking tour. He is disabled, is a long time caregiver, and a disability advocate.

Robotic Removal Catches On


Robotic removal of the gallbladder today offers more precision and is less invasive than traditional surgical procedure. As one of the most common operations, gallbladder surgery can now be performed without leaving visible scars, an advance slowly catching on, thanks to surgical robots. The cholecystectomy is performed robotically by means …

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