Ron Beasley

Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to

Commercial running on TV for bogus home AC service


A commercial running in the morning news block of Miami’s CBS4 for home air conditioning service is a flat-out consumer rip off. The commercial is for an air conditioning company. The ad asks consumers to call 954- ACCHEKUP (223-4987) to schedule service for your home air conditioner for the low …

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Subaru XV Crosstrek expands crossover line for 2015

Subaru expands XV Crosstrek crossover line for 2015

The 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek is a neat little versatile, fun-to-drive, five-door CUV with a very capable chassis that easily accommodates off-road adventure. Subaru offers three versions of the Crosstrek, adding the 2.0i base trim to the line that also includes the 2.0i Premium and the 2.0i Limited model with …

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