‘Aventura Leap List’

Since February 2012 falls in a leap year, what better time to create an “Aventura leap list” featuring adventurous activities like these it’s never too late to experience:

* Take on the challenge of gong to every store at Aventura Mall in just one day – and then naming them all – in alphabetical order!

* Bungee jump off the flyover holding a sign that says “Save gas – take the Aventura shuttle!”

* Star in a show called “Real Housewives of Aventura” – or just behave like a reality star and keep getting married – for only 72 days at a time to help keep local caterers in business.

* Meet the President (not of the United States) – but of your condo board so you can ask if everyone can split excess reserves and go shoe shopping!

* Run a marathon along Biscayne Boulevard just so you can burn enough calories to order “one of each” at the Publix bakery. * Become a contestant on “Fear Factor” – or just decide to overcome a great fear like having everyone see the personal item you’re buying – even though you were trying to be very discreet by using the selfcheck out lane at Winn Dixie that triggers a loud flashing alarm when it doesn’t scan the item right.

* Win the lottery – then spend most of it on organic produce at Whole Foods Market, cups of coffee at Starbucks that keep getting more expensive, frozen yogurt tipping Tutti Frutti scales…Or try to get a Best Buy on one of those new communication devices that keep getting smaller and smaller – while the prices get bigger and bigger!

* Travel the globe – and then come home realizing it’s not a leap of faith to believe Aventura should top the list of “World’s Best Cities!”

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