‘Aventura Souvenir’

By Bari Auerbach….
If you’re a resident of if you’re just visiting, everyone should have essential Aventura souvenirs like these to enhance their home or remember their trip to the “City of Excellence”:

For Your Wardrobe: The must have Aventura souvenir is the “I Love Aventura” T-shirt adorned with a heart and chic gold accent trim available at Walgreens near the designer flip flops.

For Your Car: The must have Aventura souvenir is the condo bar code sticker that comes in fashion colors like neon pink and can help gain access to buildings so luxurious, even the garages have marble floors!

For Your Coffee Table: The must have Aventura souvenir is one of the fine publications focusing on the city like Aventura News or Aventura Magazine – just make sure you get them before everything printed becomes obsolete and the only thing readable will be downloadable.

For Your Scrapbook: The must have Aventura souvenirs are a copy of one of the first red light camera tickets you got on Country Club Drive; and receipts from shopping sprees at Aventura Mall you want to hide from your spouse.

For Your Kitchen: The must have Aventura souvenirs are a basket filled with shellacked Mo’s bagels; and a Starbucks gold card evoking fond memories of all the free coffee drinks you got for spending way too much on frappuccinos.

For Your Fridge: The must have Aventura souvenirs are a slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory that’s still giant even after it was shared by three people; a bunch of organic grapes from Whole Foods Market that was so expensive it almost maxed out your credit card; and a commemorative carton of eggs from Target purchased the day they opened a grocery section.

For eBay: The must have Aventura souvenirs that may one day have great historical and monetary value are programs from the debut show at the city’s new Arts & Cultural Center; one of the first handbags sold at the mall’s new Louis Vuitton store; and of course, a picture postcard of you smiling in front of the city’s entry feature on Aventura Boulevard proudly proclaiming: “Wish You Were Here!”

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