‘Aventura TV’

Why watch TV when right here in Aventura there are hit shows like these:

Aventura Idol: Singing the praises of Aventura, residents compete to see who can lead the most idolized lifestyle while a panel of judges critiques their talents to play golf all day, work on tans, go on shopping sprees at the mall and generally defy all economic downturns.

Aventura Gossip Girl: Set in any ladies locker room around town, tune in to hear gossip even juicier than all the Juicy Couture outfits!

CSI Aventura: Thrilling “Country Club Scene Investigation” combined with some forensic accounting reveals prosperity is alive and well in Aventura…and you don’t have to be a detective to deduce everyone’s a suspect when it comes to enjoying “guilty pleasures!”

Aventura Law & Order: In this drama you won’t see any high speed chases – just a lot of people getting pulled over for rolling through stop signs or wearing clothes that summon the “fashion police.” Desperate

Aventura Housewives: This reality show highlights why women all around the country are desperate to live in Aventura, where virtually every shopping plaza has preferred parking for moms with strollers; the mall keeps getting bigger; and it’s easy to find “hands-on” personal trainers who make house calls! Aventura Hillbillies: This is the classic show featuring the famous family that loads up their truck and assimilates perfectly in Aventura…Jethro and Elly May become trainers at Bally’s; Granny opens Granny Feelgoods; and Jed bails out banks on every block!

Lost in Aventura: After a plane crashes on Williams Island, survivors decide they never want to be rescued from a luxurious lifestyle in a city where all the natives know SOS stands for “Super Opulent & Sensational!”

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