‘Back to School Boot Camp’

By Bari Auerbach….
August 22…a day that will live in infamy as kids went back to school – still recovering from sunburns, mosquito bites and brain cell vegetation. Ready or not it’s time to bravely face those flashing school zone lights as moms launch operation boot camp to “Move! Move! Move!”  kids up and out of bed bright and early  – even though it’s still dark outside.

By this time, most strategic back to school plans have already been meticulously mapped out. Given the complex nature of busy lifestyles, it’s not uncommon to find war boards posted on living room walls more regimented than the tightest military timetables.

After the morning scramble and triumphant victory of avoiding the need for a late pass comes the quiet before the after school storm for the city’s parental brigade. Some will head straight for the gym to get strong enough to haul and load all the paraphernalia needed for the kids’ extracurricular sports activities into already jammed-packed trunks.

Others will opt to go into the office, where the stress of impending deadlines pales in comparison to the prospect of hearing, “Can you help me with my geometry homework?”

One of the most popular detours is Starbucks – but sometimes, even massive infusions of caffeine aren’t enough to prevent exhausted parents from falling asleep behind the wheel while waiting in those long, winding school pickup lines.

When the school day ends, it’s time to put “war board” strategies into action as soccer league and karate kick back in; dance classes start spinning; and too expensive tutoring sessions resume along with heated battles over who wants what for dinner.

And so, we salute all families currently immersed in back to school boot camp. The good news is teacher conferences and science fair projects are still far off; and there’s only about 330 days ‘til next summer!

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