‘Bucking the Trend’

Just recently, South Florida cities were dubiously dubbed “Most Miserable” and “Trashiest Spring Break Destinations” – but Aventura is bucking the trend, worthy of earning terrific titles like these:

Best Dressed City: Forget NY’s Fashion Week – every day, right here in Aventura you can see best dressed people accessorized with dazzling jewelry, perfectly coiffed hairdos, mani-pedis and masterfully applied makeup…If we all look so good at the gym, just imagine how much more glamorous we get for a night on the town!

Most Diverse City: Rumor has it training for local retail associates now includes Rosetta Stone sessions so when culturally rich residents and visitors ask questions in their native tongue, they’ll always be understood – even if they’re speaking two, three, four or more languages all at the same time!

Smartest City: Deciding to have a “grade A” school in Aventura was arguably one of the smartest things city leaders ever decided to do – because now, when all the kids grow up there will be smart adults who actually know how to operate all the new high tech devices that keep coming out – just when we figured out how to use the old ones!

First Rate City: Aventura has the lowest property tax rate in Miami-Dade County – so what will we do with all the money we save? Head to directly to Aventura Mall (to be good citizens and help stimulate the economy, of course!)

Tannest City: Isn’t it great we get to wear swimsuits in winter instead of snowsuits? Aventura has become renowned for having some of the greatest tans of any city around – so in order to maintain this golden reputation, please refrain from washing your sheets in laundry rooms where others might see the tanning lotion streaks on your sheets!

Happiest City: Why is Mona Lisa smiling? Perhaps because she heard when it comes to the fine art of creating the highest quality of life, the City of Aventura is worthy of the most terrific title: “Masterpiece success!”

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