‘Custom Party’

By Bari Auerbach….
If you haven’t already decided what you’re going to be for Halloween, here are some foolish ghoulish ideas for costumes you might actually consider wearing year-round in Aventura…

Police Officer: If you dress up like one of Aventura’s “best in blue” officers and get pulled over by a real cop for speeding, you might be able to avoid getting a ticket…just make sure your badge doesn’t say “Made in Taiwan.”

Superhero: If you morph into a superhero who can fly, imagine how much faster you could travel around town feeling sorry for all the mere mortals still stuck in traffic…And if you have super human strength, you can impress everyone at the gym with how much you can bench – or even better – have no problem lifting up and moving the car that parked too close to you before you get more dings in your door.

Cashier: If you look good in green, it could be fun to dress up like a Publix cashier so you can scan your own groceries much quicker and never have to wait in line behind someone with hundreds of coupons again!

Princess: You may want to pick a more unique costume – unless you don’t mind looking like every other girl around town!

Scrubs: If you or your kids dress up like a doctor or nurse, why not capitalize on the costumes…Tell the hospital for a fair price, when you go door to door trick or treating you’ll let everyone know the current wait time in the ER is only three minutes!

Pirate: If you dress up like Captain Hook, don’t wear your eye patch around Lenscrafters or they may try to pull you in for an exam…But this could be the perfect costume for every one who already has the most valuable treasure – a home in Aventura – where no one’s ever haunted by scary high crime rates or frighteningly low temperatures!

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