‘Evacuation Vacation’

Now that hurricane season is upon us, everyone has to be prepared for the possibility of evacuation orders being issued.

Although we should all stock up on supplies – if a dangerous storm is headed this way, the good news is it could be the perfect time to take an “evacuation vacation!”

*If you choose Las Vegas, maybe you could join the betting pool laying odds on just how many named storms there will be this season!

*California is always nice to visit as long as Murphy’s law doesn’t shake up your evacuation vacation with an earthquake or out of control brush fire.

*An affordable evacuation vacation to an Orlando theme park is always an option – just remember the old saying “you can run – but you can’t hide” when an unpredictable storm decides to follow you to Cinderella’s Castle (don’t think it has hurricane shutters).

*A lot of evacuation vacations may require booking flights – but before boarding the airplane, double-check with the airline to make sure none of the passengers have H1N1.

*Other great evacuation vacation ideas include a second honeymoon in Mexico (bring bottled water from your hurricane supplies to avoid Montezuma’s revenge); a diving excursion (don’t get too close to any stingrays); an African safari (check to see if your cans of “Off” protect against malaria); or a single’s sojourn to Club Med (not everyone you meet at least 10 years younger will be a gold digger or gigolo!)

Since living in Aventura is like being on a year-round vacation, odds are voluntary evacuations won’t be too prevalent – but the only good news about an active hurricane season is now you have a great excuse for getting that new plasma TV you wanted to watch all the weather reports following trouble in the tropics!

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