‘On the Path to Success’ with Arnold Goldman of The Alternative Board


Q: How does The Alternative Board (TAB) help business leaders get that competitive advantage in today’s uncertain marketplace?
AG: TAB is a private membership organization comprised of owners, presidents and CEOs of privately- held companies. The TAB process is considered the premier strategic planning process for small and medium-size businesses. Each month I visit with dozens of TAB members in the Aventura and Broward County areas. I also serve as co-coach for the Aventura Marketing Council’s productive Executive Suites program, helping AMC members continue to grow and move forward in their business and personal lives.

Q: We always talk about success but what do you see in common with companies that are underperforming?
AG: The business cycle often gets derailed quite quickly by under capitalization. After surviving that stage, companies enter into the growth stage where sales and team building become vital. Too often I find key positions in small and medium-size businesses are filled by the wrong people with important responsibilities. To paraphrase Jim Collins in his book Good to Great: “You must have the right people on your bus; then make sure they occupy the correct seat; and get the wrong people off your bus.”

Q: How can companies avoid having to say, “You’re fired!”
AG: Take the guess work out of the hiring process! I strongly recommend a survey that I administer, commonly known as a DISC assessment, to determine the behaviors and motivators of potential hires and existing key staff members. Remember, you hire for “aptitude” and fire for “attitude.”

Q: Can a DISC assessment also help maximize the success of existing employees?
AG: DISC can be very effective for companies with dedicated employees – but less than optimal productivity. This may indicate they have “the right people on the bus – in the wrong seats.” DISC can also help solve supervisor and co-worker communication issues.

Q: What exactly is the TAB process?
AG: The TAB process includes peer advisory think tank meetings and individual coaching appointments providing advice tailored to meet specific business needs – always based on real-world experience. Our ultimate goal is to encourage and empower our members to achieve their business and personal vision so they can reach their greatest potential on the path to success!

Our workshop series recently focused on Team Building and featured renowned business leaders discussing hands-on applications for owners, managers and staff.

To learn more about The Alternative Board or inquire about behavioral and motivator assessments, contact Arnold Goldman for a complimentary consultation with the mention of this article; call 786-348 0994 or email: Arnold@tab-southbroward.com

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