‘Seasons Eatings’ How to battle the holiday season bulge

You may be challenged by a lot of holiday treats, but if you know how to replace fattening foods with lower-calorie substitutes that can still be filling as well as “fulfilling” – you just might be able to drop a pants-size before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve! Instead of indulging in decadent diet-derailers, here are some better choices you can enjoy instead:

Instead of dark meat with gravy: White meat chicken or turkey with Dijon mustard

Instead of fried chicken: Chicken breasts dipped in egg white and wheat germ, seasoned with garlic and parsley and oven-baked

Instead of scrambled eggs with bacon: Egg white omelet with avocado slices

Instead of pancakes: Protein pancakes made with oatmeal, protein powder and egg whites Drizzled with sugar-free maple syrup

Instead of pepperoni pizza: Whole wheat pita topped with low-fat cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes

Instead of white rice pilaf: Brown rice or quinoa mixed with steamed vegetables

Instead of asparagus with Hollandaise sauce: Asparagus with a creamy fat-free, zero calorie Walden Farms salad dressing

Instead of mashed potatoes: Lowglycemic sweet potatoes

Instead of French fries: Oven-baked potato slices brushed with a little olive oil

Instead of lobster with drawn butter: Tilapia, flounder or orange roughy with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray

Instead of creamy dips: Salsa or oilfree hummus

Instead of Caesar salad: Cancer preventing bok choy and tomatoes tossed with low-fat grated cheese and balsamic vinegar

Instead of Frappuccinos: Whey protein shakes made with favorite fruits and fat-free whipped topping

Instead of whole milk or cream: Almond milk or soy milk

Instead of ice cream sundaes: Fat free yogurt parfait layered with fruit and low-sugar, high-fiber cereal

Instead of eggnog: Egg white protein shake sprinkled with nutmeg

Instead of fruit and nut cake: Raw almond butter with sugar-free Smucker’s jam or jelly on whole grain bread

Instead of oatmeal cookies: Plain oatmeal with Splenda

Instead of apple pie: Baked apples with cinnamon

Instead of chocolate covered strawberries: Strawberry sugar-free Jello with Hershey’s sugar-free chocolate syrup

Instead of chocolate cream pie: Sugar-free, fat-free Jello chocolate pudding with fat-free whipped cream

Instead of apple pie: Extra Dessert Delights Apple sugar-free gum

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  1. I'd rather be fat.

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