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Bari Auerbach

We’re constantly being bombarded with information about the latest trends and breaking news stories – but have you heard about these hypothetical Aventura trends:

Bounty Shoppers:
If you were shocked by the NFL bounty scandal, just imagine how you’d react to news that hardcore bargain hunters were actually hiring “bounty shoppers” to stake out the best sales and prevent anyone else from winning the most wanted items! But we probably won’t be affected by this trend…Aventura Mall was recently named the second most visited in the nation – so there are way too many shoppers to tackle!

Leg Work:
At this year’s Oscars, J.Lo and Angelina dared to bare – but even celebs don’t have a leg up on the most stylish Aventura residents who pride themselves on rarely having wardrobe malfunctions – and never getting pulled over by fashion police issuing citations for certain sights that really shouldn’t be seen (especially near schools).

No Parking:
Since the new stadium doesn’t seem to have enough parking spots for Miami Marlins fans, Aventura and other cities could offer use of the their shuttle bus fleets to provide transportation to and from games. This could help generate municipal revenues and prove it’s possible for Floridians to pitch “smart” ideas.

Political Parties:
If you really prefer not to discuss politics, Aventura is the perfect place to live since the most hotly debated issues include what kind of flowers should be planted to keep the city looking beautiful; and popularity polls being conducted at most parties are less about political candidates and more about whether to choose Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Porsche.

Viral Videos:
Today, social media sites are making it possible to reach millions of people in minutes – so let’s just hope a video about how great Aventura is never goes viral. Not that anyone would want to keep the city’s great lifestyle and luxury a secret… It’s just that it’s already hard enough to avoid a wait in the car wash line or get a table at your favorite bagel place on Sunday!

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