Amb. Daniel Ayalon and Prof. Alan Dershowitz honor Guardian of Israel and Tree of Life recipients at Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

Ambassador Daniel Ayalon and Professor Alan Dershowitz

Noted Professor Alan Dershowitz recently recognized eight synagogue families and presented them with the distinguished Guardian of Israel award for their outstanding leadership, commitment and dedication to the synagogue, the community and the State of Israel.

With over 1,500 people in the audience, recognition was given to Doris Blass, Jeannette and Joseph Braun, Jessica Fauer, David Glazer, Jeffrey Newman, Brian Oberlender, Marcy and Dr. Barry Resnik and Jason Rubin. Following the service, the synagogue hosted a private luncheon for the honorees, where Professor Dershowitz praised the honorees by speaking about the importance of being Guardians of Israel who are blessed with the understanding of the importance of centrality of Israel in Jewish life. Dr. Malcolm Dorman and Alix and Jorge Wolf were presented with the Tree of Life award, for their outstanding contributions to the State of Israel Bonds and the synagogue.

Prof. Dershowitz is a global advocate for many critical causes but perhaps best known for his staunch defense of Israel in multiple forums around the world. Amb. Danny Ayalon is Israel’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and himself a powerful, persuasive voice of reason in an often- cacophonous international arena of Israel bashing and delegitimization.

The opportunity to hear either is a worthwhile education in the challenges ahead and the constructive work being done to ensure that Israel is protected in an increasingly hostile environment.

Both Amb. Ayalon and Prof. Dershowitz have addressed this audience before, with Prof. Dershowitz appearing annually since he inaugurated the congregation’s prestigious Guardian of Israel Award in 1993.

Calling Amb. Ayalon “Israel’s MVP (most valuable player)” and reminding everyone of his exceptional series of YouTube advocacy vignettes, Prof. Dershowitz asked what more the American Jewish community can do to help Israel in this time of need. Along with asking Prof. Dershowitz why he declined the Prime Minister’s offer to serve as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Amb. Ayalon reflected on Israel’s consistent commitment to peace and desperate hope that the Palestinians evolve from gainsayers to partners.

Both were equally firm on the “existential threat posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions” and Prof. Dershowitz reminded the audience that it comprised over 1,000 eligible voters in a critical swing state. “Therefore, in this election year, it is absolutely imperative that you tell any candidate from either party that your support is based in no small measure contingent upon the strong US-Israel relationship in general and America’s determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capability in particular.”

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