As Winter Travel Delays and Cancellations Continue, More Consumers Upgrading to Protravel International’s “Human App”

CaptureWhile winter storms continued wreaking havoc on travel throughout the Northeast this month, savvy consumers have increasingly relied upon the “Human App” from Protravel International – the travel industry’s premier luxury travel agency – to take the headache and frustration out of travel when they need assistance most. Protravel’s “Human App” is a high-touch, live network of more than 1,000 travel agents working diligently around the clock to get their clients where they need to be. Further enhancing Protravel agents’ ability to serve as their clients’ best defense against wintry weather is actual technology deployed among the agents so they may proactively assist clients in rebooking travel before storms hit, rather than merely acting as first responders in the aftermath.

“While the raging winter storms caused countless flight cancellations and even January’s shutdown of New York City, Protravel’s ‘Human App’ – our exceptional travel agents – worked wonders, often before our clients even knew their travels might be disrupted,” noted Patrick Fragale, President of Protravel International. “During the worst storms, our agents were able to work remotely – using our proprietary behind-the-scenes technology – and concentrate on getting our clients to their destinations with the highest level of care and impeccable service. Our clients have peace-of-mind knowing that our agents’ mission is to make their travels as smooth as possible, regardless of unforeseen circumstances.”

Fragale said that Protravel’s proprietary technology behind its “Human App” is supported by the travel agency’s support team, which works around the clock in carefully monitoring events that could potentially impact and snarl travel. Information is then pushed out to Protravel’s agents so they can proactively protect or rebook clients, often before they’re aware of the situation.

“The weekend before ‘Juno’ hit New York City, we were already informing our agents about the blizzard. Anticipating the closure of all airports, we advised them to contact clients whose flights might be impacted,” explained Peter Vlitas, Protravel’s Senior Vice President of Airline Sales and Marketing. “Because of our longstanding relationships with the airlines, by the time the storm actually hit, we knew which flights would be taking off and which would be cancelled, thus allowing us to protect our clients as we secured the last available seats on countless flights.”

Over the recent President’s Day, Bob Goldstein, one of Protravel’s Manhattan-based “Human App” agents, made the seemingly impossible happen for a family of nine including six children taking a Caribbean vacation in Saint Barthélemy (i.e. St. Barts). Knowing ahead of time that his clients’ return flight from Sint Maarten to New York would be delayed by 3 hours due to weather, Goldstein rescheduled their connecting flight from Saint Barts, thus allowing the family to enjoy a few more hours there, rather than sitting in an overcrowded Sint Maarten Airport.

“After my clients arrived in Sint Maarten, we learned about further delays and ultimately the cancellation of their flight back to New York. While the other 200 passengers had to scramble to find accommodations, I sent my clients to a luxury hotel,” Goldstein explained. “In combination with my persistence in spending 30 minutes on the phone and Protravel’s exceptional reputation, I secured rooms that had been listed as ‘not available.’ I was in constant contact with the family, from ensuring they had safely checked into their hotel to making sure they had boarded their return flight the following morning.”

“Protravel’s ‘Human App’ routinely and often extraordinarily saves the day for our clients, even if our agents are often too modest to boast about their 24/7 efforts,” Fragale stated. “Dedication, an eye for detail, and resourceful problem-solving skills all make the value of working with a Protravel agent truly priceless. Our clients rest assured that our ‘Human App’ – our thousand-plus contingent of the best travel agents in the business – is working for them around the clock to ensure a seamless travel experience, no matter what may impact their plans.”

Let Protravel’s Human App work for you by calling 800-227-1059. With an award-winning reputation, Protravel International is a recognized leader in corporate and luxury travel. Protravel was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in New York City. With annual sales reaching over $870 million, it has grown into a network of 20 branch locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, plus a network of hosted agents throughout the U.S.

About Protravel International LLC:
Protravel International LLC is a Travel Leaders Group company. Founded in 1984, Protravel International LLC is a full-service, dynamic travel company with an award-winning reputation. With annual sales reaching over $870 million, Protravel is headquartered in New York City and supports a network of 20 branch locations throughout the United States and London, plus a network of hosted agents in all corners of the U.S. Today, approximately1,000 people make up the Protravel organization. Our expertise in destination, international faring and competitive products – coupled with our superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry – makes Protravel one of the most powerful selling forces in the travel industry.

Protravel’s diversity of products, size of annual sales and nationally recognized stature permits them to leverage these strengths to bring the most competitive pricing and aggressive negotiations for our highly diverse client base. It is a company-wide commitment to search for the best possible travel options for our customers. Travel arrangements are personally tailored to take optimum advantage of the most up to the minute changes in the industry.

For many years, a dedicated team has guided Protravel with innovative ideas and skills. By incorporating the latest technologies and carefully monitoring industry developments, the finest products and highest levels of service are maintained. The continued success of Protravel is a testament to our sound operation and well-planned development.


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