At Aventura’s Divorce Mediation Center, couples can divorce with dignity

At Aventura's Divorce Mediation Center, couples can divorce with dignity

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Though divorce usually elicits images of the 1989 film “The War of the Roses,” it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Aventura attorney and family mediator, Denise Tamir, believes that divorce need not devastate the couple financially and emotionally. Rather, she believes divorce can be handled in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity.

“The classic adversarial lawsuit is the worst way to divorce,” explained Tamir. “It works well in cases when parties hire their gladiator/lawyer, bloody each other in the coliseum/courtroom, and never see each other again, like a car accident claim. In divorce, though, the parties usually have to deal with each other for years after the lawsuit is over. The damage litigation causes makes the relationship and co parenting nearly impossible, with devastating consequences for the children.”

Believing there’s a better way, Tamir founded DivorceMediation Center of South Florida, a service that helps couples resolve their issues before the lawsuit is filed. She facilitates a discussion between the parties to help them identify their unique issues, and then she helps them decide for themselves how best to resolve those issues. Once the couple reaches an agreement, she and Certified Financial Planner™, Diana Kahn, draft all of the documents, including complex financial affidavits, which the couple must file with the court. Though attorneys are not retained to file a lawsuit, they are often consulted periodically for limited input through the process.

According to Tamir, the method a couple chooses for divorce sets the tone for how they deal with each other for years. “Through mediation, I try to teach the couple how to resolve their own differences; a skill which they continue to use long after the divorce is over.”

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