Back in ‘fall swing’

By Bari Auerbach….
It’s getting hotter…A heat wave this time of year always makes us feel like gloating just a bit when we talk to friends up north. Bathing suits and flip flops sure beat boots and overcoats – there’s just one “wardrobe malfunction.” Right now, most area department stores are featuring clothes suitable for blizzards…Ever wonder why the buyers think we’d want to wear winter clothes to the beach??

It’s homework time… Now that the new school year is in full-swing, odds are the kids have so much homework, they hardly have time to update their Facebook status or play video games. But even though you may be trying to stick to a budget, one thing to splurge on is a tutor for subjects they may ask you for help with that prove you’ may not be “smarter than a fifth grader.”

 It’s bumper to bumper…For another sure sign the “season” is upon us, just get in your car and try to navigate through all the traffic! But one really good thing about the return of the snowbirds is the extra motivation they’re giving us to be more punctual since now everyone has to leave early just to have a shot at getting where we’re going on time!

It will get dark earlier…The good news is that when “after dark” starts happening sooner, we’ll have even more time to enjoy the nightlife around town! Too bad there aren’t many places that stay open long after lights go out in condo windows!

It’s almost holiday time…With Thanksgiving already right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about things you’re thankful for…For those lucky enough to reside in Aventura the list could include feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude for the “little things” like the lowest tax rate in Miami-Dade! And when it comes to holiday shopping, here’s a bright idea that could save a lot of time and money…Just send everyone on your list the name of a really good realtor. Right now it’s a “buyer’s market” and the greatest gift anyone could ever get is an Aventura address!

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