Banish the temptation to covet

Patricia C. Frank

Regardless of your beliefs or your religious affiliations there are strong reasons not to covet. To covet is to strongly desire another’s possessions or attributes. Depending on the degree of your desire you may just hanker for, or have a yen for something, or you may experience a deep hunger for and painful longing for the objects and life you covet. If you covet you are jealous and envious of others.

If you are jealous and envious then you want something that belongs to someone else. You may even feel entitled to it. This will make you discontent and even bitter

Envy is more intense than jealousy. It implies that you want something that belongs to another and feel entitled to it but, in reality, you are not necessarily entitled to it. Envy goes beyond mere jealousy and suggests a negative desire to also deprive the other person. You begrudge the other person’s good fortune and wish that they did not have it.

If you covet you are setting yourself up for a lot of negative emotions. You will definitely feel insecure, sad, discouraged and slightly depressed. Your selfesteem will always be low. You will feel cheated and resentful. You will feel very discontent with what you do have. You will not be grateful or appreciative of your own good fortune.

If you catch yourself coveting change how you think and feel immediately. Do not allow yourself to covet. It is preferable if you admire, aspire and be inspired by whatever it is you covet.

If you admire, you are regarding the person with respect and appreciation for who and what they are and for what they have achieved.

If you aspire you are creating your own goal or objective that you wish to attain. You are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

You can be Inspired to achieve something similar in your own life. Allow yourself to be stimulated and aroused to action.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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