Bob Lilienfeld, CPA on ‘Avoiding the auditor’

Bob Lilienfeld, Susan Castonguay and Michael Melnick

Why has the number of annual audits by the IRS increased by 12% since 2009? There are literally billions of reasons why. It’s estimated that upwards of $300 billion a year in tax dollars are under-reported by taxpayers and uncollected by the IRS. And now, with tax revenues down since the credit crisis, the IRS has become even more aggressive about initiating audits.

Knowing how to avoid audit triggers is just one reason why Bob Lilienfeld of Melnick, Lilienfeld & Castonguay is the CPA fortunate clients count on to look out for their best financial interests.

“New IRS compliance initiative projects provide insight into how we can help ensure you don’t become the target of an audit,” Lilienfeld explains. “There are some simple steps everyone can take to reduce their chance of being audited such as reviewing returns for math errors. It’s also important to be sure there aren’t any potential problems with certain types of deductions, such as for donations and home offices, that especially attract IRS attention.”

If Warren Buffet lived in the Aventura area, he would certainly appreciate Lilienfeld’s knowledge and understanding of complex tax laws pertaining to highwealth taxpayers. “The income reported by affluent clients is always on auditors’ radar screens, so it’s essential to have gross receipts in line with the percentage of income being reported.”

Small business owners and young professionals also benefit from Lilienfeld’s “avoid the auditor” expertise. Some of the most common red flags now include deductions for personal expenses; reporting ordinary dividends as qualified dividends to reduce tax liability; and taxpayers under-reporting income tax by taking duplicate mortgage interest reductions of $10,000 or more on Schedules A and C (on self-prepared returns).

Before “tax time” it’s smart to plan ahead to prevent audits and potential penalties. On the website, you can access informative features including continuing education about new tax laws and learn more about how Melnick, Lilienfeld & Castonguay utilizes the latest technological advances to help enhance efficiency and profitability.

The firm specializes in tax planning; estate planning; tax return preparation; IRS representation; accounting; financial reporting; family mediation; litigation support; real estate consulting; and condo association accounting services. Adding the “bottom line,” Lilienfeld emphasizes, “We’re a ‘relationship based’ company – large enough to provide a wide range of specialized services, but small enough to know your business on a personal level.”

For more information about Melnick, Lilienfeld & Castonguay, CPAs with offices based in Aventura and Boca Raton, phone: 305-937-1040 or visit

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