Bradley Arnowitz & Douglas Shavel Announce Formation of a New-Boutique, Real Estate Firm.

Shavel Arnowitz final (3)Arnowitz-Shavel & Associates specializes in discreet buyer & seller representation.

The firm continues to drive real estate and investment property sales through its innovative marketing approach.

The firm, through Mr. Shavel’s expertise & guidance in acquiring distressed assets and long-term, cash generating investment properties is actively working with investors to build their portfolio. In recent months the firm has completed three projects resulting in the refurbishment of distressed assets leading to increased property values and generous returns in the communities these projects are located in.

The firm will continue to operate in the principled manner espoused by Mr. Arnowitz & remain steadfast in their integrity driven approach by continuing to build upon the ten plus years of success that Mr. Arnowitz has in the representation of buyers and sellers of luxury real estate.

Arnowitz-Shavel & Associates is completely focused on producing successful transactions, utilizing real-time market data, principled full-disclosure and 24/7 client support. The firm supports our clients in every facet of the real estate & investment property transaction which further insures our clients long term results.

For more information visit us on the web or contact Mr. Shavel or Mr. Arnowitz via email:



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