CCRC option offers seniors chance for ‘new life chapter’

As a senior living option, one commonly held attitude about continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) is that they’re “filled with old people who are sick and dying.” But a report by gerontologist Ken Dychtwald Ph.D dispels the myth and examines the misconceptions behind these attitudes and beliefs. “For some, the thought of visiting a CCRC conjures up images of sickness, decline and dying,” said Dychtwald, CEO of Age Wave. “They resist moving to a CCRC because they view it as their ‘final resting place’ or ‘exit strategy.’ They put off the decision as long a possible. They think that someday they may consider moving, but today, they say, ‘I’m not quite ready.’”

The reality, according to the report, is that many people choose CCRCs like VI Aventura to pursue opportunities for new learning, new activities and a “new chapter in life.”

Titled “Five Myths and Realities of Continuing Care Retirement Communities,” Age Wave’s report and supporting research were commissioned by Vi, a developer, of older adult living communities, including VI Aventura. The document is available in its entirety at

According to the report, many people have the mistaken belief that CCRCs are like nursing homes, or that life there is boring and uneventful.

“These are images people have of visits years ago with grandparents and relatives living in an old style nursing home, which at that time were often institutional, highly medical, and lacking in privacy,” Dychtwald said.

The reality of living in a CCRC today is quite different, according to the report. CCRCs like VI Aventura offer opportunities to engage in activities ranging from lectures, art workshops, exercise classes, events and clubs. As a result, living at a CCRC can offer far more mental stimulation and social engagement than staying in one’s current home.

For those who want to postpone moving from their current home until they’re too unhealthy to live there, the report finds that today, deciding to move to a CCRC is typically a proactive lifestyle move, rather than a reaction triggered or forced by poor health or other negative events.

CCRCs like VI Aventura offer independent living with a combination of a private residence, services, amenities and care (for example, assisted living, memory support care and skilled nursing care).

For more information contact Marjorie Aloni, Community Relations Manager at 305-692-4829.

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