Chef Allen’s ranked among top nationally for sustainability honors

By Lynn Carroll….

Chef Allen Susser

Chef Allen’s has now been formally recognized among sustainability trendsetters in the restaurant world by garnering a 2010 Santé Culinary Hospitality Award from Santé food and wine magazine.

“This is pretty huge,” says Chef Allen Susser. “It’s quite a plus to win this. We’re proud of it.”

Organizers at Santé say the competition was stiff this year. Chef Allen’s was one of only ten restaurants in the nation cited for the coveted awards.

“It’s all about making sure we’re not negatively impacting the environment,” Chef Allen says. “For example, we choose not to purchase swordfish because it’s over-fished. I make sure we operate under good guidelines.”

The chef is among sustainability movement leaders, serving both as a culinary ambassador for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s sustainable seafood programs and an advisory board member for the Florida Department of Agriculture.

“Our devotion at Chef Allen’s to using only the freshest seasonal ingredients reaches well beyond the recipe,” he says. “We ensure all seafood and meats are acquired responsibly with minimum negative impact on the world ecosystem. For example, we currently source our Wild Florida Shrimp from Wild Ocean in Titusville. The people who oversee that company understand the need to preserve the health of our oceans. We source the Frog’s Legs on our menu from Lake Okeechobee, the Soft Shell Crab from Indian River and, seasonally, lobster from the Keys.”

He adds that both locals and tourists appreciate the regional flavors.

“The principal,” Chef Allen says, “is that although we must meet present needs, we must not compromise the needs of generations to come.”

To enjoy an award winning taste, call Chef Allen’s, 19088 NE 29th Avenue, Aventura, for reservations call 305-935-2900.

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