Comm. Sally Heyman to host free workshop for homeowners facing foreclosure

Comm. Sally Heyman is inviting Miami-Dade residents to take part in a free Foreclosure Prevention Clinic on Thurs., Oct. 7th at the McDonald Center, 17051 NE 19th Avenue, North Miami Beach from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Housing and the legal experts will help homeowners with understanding the foreclosure process, legal issues in foreclosure, and loss mitigation foreclosure and credit.

There will also be a lender session with Chase and Bank of America, and participants can meet one-on-one with an attorney.

In order to receive assistance, residents are asked to bring the following documentation to the workshop:

• Driver’s License and Social Security Card

• Most recent credit report

• Court Summons Default Notice

• Documents related to hardships (medical records, unemployment compensation stubs, etc)

• Bank statements (Checking, saving, money markets and CD)

• All related mortgage documents, including original loan documents from closing

• Mortgage statements • 2009 and 2008 Federal tax returns (all pages, plus W-2s)

Along with Comm. Heyman’s sponsorship, the event is organized with the participation of the Miami-Dade Housing Finance Authority, Miami-Dade Affordable Housing Foundation, Inc., Miami-Dade Mortgage Fraud Taskforce, Miami-Dade Tax Collector, The Foreclosure Project, LLC, Chase Homeownership Center, Bank of America and ERCC/NID – Housing Counseling Agency.

For more information, call 305-787- 5999.

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