Denise Rubin Talks Real Estate Record Breaking Sales

By Denise Rubin….
I remember when the majority of my clientele came from up north. They all wanted to get away from the cold winters and have second homes in Sunny South Florida and the weather translates into sales. Aventura was and is a popular destination due to it being so centrally located. 20 minutes to South Beach and 20 minutes to Ft. Lauderdale. They make up made up 80% of my clientele and the rest were of foreigners. They still come but the tables have turned. Now 80% of my clients are from all over the globe and only 20% are Northerners and Americans. Fortunately I have a multilingual team, The Denise Rubin Group, that in addition to English speaks Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, and Spanish. It’s a good thing because 12 of my last 14 deals were to foreigners, two from Brazil, two from Venezuela, one from China, one Canadian, one from Russia, one from Ecuador, one from London, one from Mexico, and one from Chile. I did sell 2 Americans who were the only 2 of 14 to get a mortgage. The other 12 bought all cash. The economy in Brazil is especially prospering now so we are seeing a huge amount of money coming from there.

We sure are a special place, a melting pot of everything interesting, and all different cultures that mesh as one. They come for the unbelievable weather. They come because they think it is a buyers market but on the contrary I have made multiple record breaking sales. The white picket fence still exists and people wherever they may be from have dreams of what they envision for themselves. They picture themselves enjoying looking at panoramic beautiful ocean and Intercostal views of the city and golf courses and stunning vistas. They see themselves on boats docked in their backyards and soaking up rays by their pools. They dreamed beautiful decors like pictures from magazines. And, they fall in love. Therefore they don’t always get that steal or deal they expected, but decide to go for their dream. It’s very exciting because I’ve been setting record breaking sales.

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