Diversity Mantra

Every day, you read about one large company buying out another in the same industry. Sounds good but, in reality,it is not so good for the consumer because it destroys diversity. As a resultof the merger, there are fewer products available to you. Things that youalways bought at a particular place are gone so now you have fewer choices. Thenew conglomerate eliminates diversity. Which is a loss for the consumer and frequently for certain employees.

How can you prevent being eliminated ifyour company merges? In this instance your diversity can reduce your risk ofbeing eliminated.

You need to work on your relevance and importance and increaseyour value to the company. You need to work on this constantly in case you arepart of a merger. The goal is to make yourself the one chosen, the one the newcompany prefers because you are unique and you are the one they cannot bewithout.

If this sounds like a hard job, it is.You cannot wait for the actual merger. You have to prepare for it even if itnever happens. You must be alert to situations that will allow you todistinguish yourself. You need to expand and extend your range of talents. Perhaps,you need to take some courses. You could also be active in your community andvolunteer. You could start a group. There are so many opportunities if you lookfor them. Brainstorm about your options and keep trying until you find a goodfit. If you can, try to win acknowledgments and awards.

You should also diversify and add another skill to your repertoire just in case there is someone else with your same skill set. Think of yourself as a supplier who provides services to yourcurrent company. You are in acompetitive situation and you need to do whatever you can to give yourself theedge. You need to make yourself the obvious and only choice for the newsituation.

Patricia Frankis a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, Psychotherapy.a2z@gmail.com

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