Dr. Dominic Lewis is one of a few Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeons in area

Dr. Dominic Lewis is one of only a few orthopedic surgeons in South Florida who specialize in foot and ankle surgery. At Orthopedic Care Center in Aventura, Dr. Lewis treats ankle injuries, fractures of the lower leg and bad sprains that just don’t seem to get better. “Anything from ankle replacements to bunions,” he says

His training was in foot and ankle surgery with a sports emphasis- a specialty that has proved very practical in South Florida, where the tropical climate encourages yearround Athletic activities.

Dr. Lewis says his most common procedures involve arthroscopic surgery “most often for weekend warriors and people who keep spraining the same area or have problems with cartilage in the ankle. Athletic injuries of the foot and ankle are common, but I also treat patients who have arthritic conditions, deformities, fractures, and diabetics with their special needs.”

A Georgetown University School of Medicine graduate who did his residency at Howard University Hospital, he went on to a Fellowship at the prestigious American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham where he trained under nationally renowned foot and ankle specialists.

My specialty is under-represented among orthopedic surgeons in South Florida,” states Dr. Lewis. “Historically, patients in the area have been seen by podiatrists. However, there are now more fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeons to serve the community.”

Dr. Lewis is one of eight highly trained and experienced orthopedic specialists at the Orthopedic Cadre Center, located at 21000 NE 28th Avenue, Suite 104 on the campus of Aventura Hospital.

For more information, call 305-937-1999 or visit www.orthopedicare.com.

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  2. I like this doctor. He is down to earth and obviously knows a lot of about foot injuries.

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