Express Employment Professionals serves all hiring needs

By Lynn Carroll….

Michael Huffaker, co-owner, Express Employment Professionals

Whether your company needs a temp or someone to fill a career post, Express Employment Professionals has the experience and know-how to find the right person for the job.

“The advantage to using us,” says Michael Huffaker, co-owner with his wife Gwendolyn Wood of Express Employment’s Miami Lakes franchise, “is that we do all the legwork, advertising, resume-reading, interviewing, background checks and consultations with previous employers.”

Firms that let Express Employment Professionals oversee their hiring, he says, are assured they’ll get a qualified person for any position that needs filling. The Miami Lakes branch, which serves most of Miami-Dade and southern Broward counties, is part of an international network of about 600 franchises, and is prepared for all staffing requests.

“A company may be having a project peak or have some other issue that creates a short-term or maybe uncertain-term position,” Huffaker says.

“We work with any size business, from small firms with only two or three people who have need of a temp to get through a project or a season to large companies with hundreds of employees. We’re equally ready to help with shortterm situations or specific, more esoteric positions.”

What a firm does is also not an issue, Huffaker adds.

“We are generalists,” he says. “About half of what we do is office services and about 30% is light industrial.”

He says Express Employment frequently provides evaluation hires, in which both the employer and job candidate can size up their compatibility before committing to a more permanent arrangement.

The company also provides HR services, from training and development to audits and the creation of employee handbooks and affirmative action plans.

Express Employment Professionals is located at 16010 NW 57th Ave., Suite 114, Miami Lakes. For your next hiring need, call Michael Huffaker, 305-364-0700.

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  1. Merle Gordon Dowling | May 27, 2014 at 2:22 am | Reply

    Mike Huffaker, It's been quite some time! Always an admirer, I was poking around online and found that you and your wife are running an agency. Interesting times in which to be doing so, and I'll bet there's a lot of color with respect to your experience of trends, etc over recent times. Am thinking about returning to Florida and thought your firm might be interested in taking on a client like myself…I am at (cell/text: 014-522-4086). Look forward to talking with you – Best, Merle Gordon Dowling

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