Fifth Annual Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Returns To Miami During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


To end a disease that takes the life of an American man every 20 minutes, Miami joins 35+ communities across the nation in hosting the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk.  During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month on September 24, ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer and Uromedix will host a 5K run/walk to save lives and support the more than 13,000 men in Florida who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

“Getting connected with ZERO was an eye-opening experience for me,” said Don LaFollette, a prostate cancer patient and first-time Run/Walk participant. “At first, I didn’t know just how serious my Stage IV prostate cancer diagnosis was. Once my doctor discovered my cancer had spread and I started chemotherapy, I had lost hope. I was sitting at home waiting to die when I found out about ZERO. After attending their Summit in DC, I learned about three new drugs for late-stage disease like mine and now have hope. “

Don LaFollette is a 45-year-old father, husband, business owner, and paraglider pilot. Initially, he was told the symptoms he’d been experiencing were a prostate infection, though this diagnosis was refuted when his symptoms weren’t mediated after a few weeks. This time, his doctor shared different news: he had metastatic prostate cancer. Though he finished his chemotherapy in late 2015, he still feels pain from his cancer every day. Attending the ZERO Run/Walk gives Don an opportunity to connect and share hope with other patients and help inform men of their possible risks for the disease.

“For the past 10 years, the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk has rallied communities and given participants a voice in the fight to end prostate cancer,” said ZERO CEO Jamie Bearse. “By mobilizing survivors, patients, caregivers, families, and businesses in communities across the country to raise funds and awareness, we can make prostate cancer a national priority.”

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month brings the national spotlight to prostate cancer, encouraging vital and necessary awareness on both a national and local level. Funds raised for this year’s Run/Walk event will go toward national efforts to provide research for new treatments, patient support resources, and to educate men and families about prostate cancer.

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  1. The first line of this article broke my heart. I have a friend who died because of cancer. Awareness of this disease is important, if not to heal the patient since it has no cure, at least prevention. I always believed that prevention is always better than cure. Spending big sum of money for chemo-therapies and medicines is not a way of curing. It is just a way of adding more months or years into a patient’s life. Kudos to those who joined the Fifth Annual Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk.

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