Float through your Life

There is a very basic human response to threatening situations. It is called the Fight or Flight Syndrome. It is a survival instinct to protect yourself either by standing and fighting or fleeing and running away. It requires an instantaneous decision and that decision determines the outcome.

As human beings develop and become more sophisticated psychologically, another option is possible. It is the Float Syndrome. It is not like fleeing. You are still in the moment or situation but you are floating through the turbulent waters without creating any waves yourself.

This technique is extremely effective in all relationships. It is effective at home with family members. It is effective at work with your boss and with your peers. In fact, it can be used in every situation even with waiters or salespeople.

How does it work? Instead of confronting someone or taking issue with their behavior you suspend your fear, anger, disappointment, hurt and annoyance. You are on top of the situation and you are controlling the situation. You are not a victim of the situation. You are acting and not just reacting. You are buoyant. You float above the situation and do not let it pull you down. You do not take anything to heart.

It is also a great survival technique during the Holidays when families gather.

If you float, you don’t have to address every issue. You don’t have to settle old scores, fight old battles, prove a point or take a stand. It is a resting position. It is good for you and good for them. It creates a calm and peaceful mood for all those involved. Everyone will be grateful and appreciate you for floating.

Keep in mind your options. You have more power than you realize. Your actions and reactions will set the tone. You can diffuse the situation. You can make a difference regardless of the situation. You are the one in control. You make the ultimate decision and choice.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864.

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