Floaters Psychological Emotional and Visual

Patricia Frank

Floaters, among other things, are a visual occurrence. They move on the surface of the liquid in your eyes. They can be cloudy or they can be black specks that drift around in your field of vision. They distort what you see and perceive. They can be distracting and annoying. They can make it difficult to read and to do other important things that require you to focus.

Floaters in your eye can be a signal that something else more dangerous is happening like a tear in your retina.Floaters in your psychological and emotional life can be a signal that something else more dangerous might be happening as well. You need to be aware that you might not be seeing things clearly. Your perceptions about yourself and others might be distorted. If you can’t see things as they really are, you may make decisions that are not appropriate. Your life and your relationships may not be authentic.

Floaters in your life can be; the loss of a loved one, an illness, a tragedy, or a major disappointment or set back. Floaters while challenging may bring subtle compensations. They increase your endurance. They increase your ability to withstand prolonged discomfort and strain in your life.

Floaters force you to be more tolerant. You have to allow something to exist without struggle or interference. You have to become resigned to the situation and accept it.

Floaters force you to be patient and to bear with it while you wait for the resolution and improvement that will come. The situation is usually not permanent.

A floater can also be a person who does not attach to other people psychologically or emotionally. Like the floater in your eye they drift in and out. They are inconsistent and fickle. Their inability to remain constant to you will make them difficult to deal with.

These individuals should be considered one of the variables in your life. Just like visual floaters they will dissipate and disappear. Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305- 788-4864.

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